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Self-made Arduino Shield Thingy

When I finished my last Arduino based project, I found hard to show-off it to my friends (without using a YouTube). Even after trying to pack it up, it still was way to big for pocket and carrying around was pain in ass. So I sad to myself “Idiot, next time build something more pocket friendly and portable!”. And it looks like future me was listening to that.

So what do you think? I definitely like it :) For casing I used nice and shiny (maybe not so much) iPod selling case (or how it’s called), that fits in pockets less or more. Shield is attached to Arduino using pins found on FDD. It’s powered by two 3V CR2032 batteries that are housed in holders for motherboards BIOS batteries. Lastly it has SHARLIGHT CMF-0502200 F seven-segment display (again, taken from old computers ”Turbo display”) who is controlled by two 74HC595 shift registers.

On software side, it’s running reaction game where you need to press button when light comes up on display, as fast as you can. And pretty neat menu system controllable with two buttons.

I have made set of pictures on Flickr too :)