Pile of Stuff

State of Mind

Ok, time to rewind what happened. First of all, needed to move to another VPS provider, because previous was so good that it just went down without a sound. Luckily had backups laying around.

Second. My previous “work machine” Aspire One 150 (yes, three years I worked on that with external monitor plugged in) was slowly dying, to fix that I bought new one - Acer eMachine E527. And with this upgrade Linux Mint 9 is just flying! Old Aspire One now has a new life with Hackintosh on board, thanks to tools from NetbookInstaller.

Third. keySharky is getting support for Firefox 4, but it’s not yet stable. Without it, I’m trying to add something new to keySharky, but don’t know what will make into this release:

  • Option to fully disable unneeded keyboard shortcuts?
  • More info from gsAPI?
  • Something else?