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Linux Mint 10 With Shiki-Wise Theme

Some days ago Linux Mint 10 was released. I upgraded as soon as could, but didn’t like new theme. So after Google’ing around and wasn’t able to found solution, I was forced to write my own. And here it is.

Update: as of now there is easier way to install Shiki-Wise theme, but I will leave second option anyway :) (thanks to Mantas for pointing out it).

sudo aptitude install shiki-wise-theme

First, download Shiki-Wise theme (not the one from Shiki-Colors, but extracted from previous Mint version, because they are bit different) and extract it.

cd ~
wget --no-check-certificate
tar zxvf Shiki-Wise-Minty.tar.gz

Now copy theme folder over to /usr/share/themes/ and install dependencies.

sudo mv Shiki-Wise /usr/share/themes/
sudo aptitude install shiki-colors-metacity-theme gnome-wise-icon-theme

You are done. Navigate to Preferences > Appearance and select Shiki-Wise as your theme :)